About Language Exchange Program Online

What Does Language Exchange Mean?

Language exchange online happens when two people meet and want to learn each other’s language. You can exchange private messages online and then arrange a meet outside. Meanwhile, both of you get an opportunity to improve your target language skills through regular conversations.

How Does Our Language Exchange Program Work?

  • Search by the language you speak, age, location, interests, etc.
  • Send private messages to the person you want to talk to
  • Keep the conversations going online or arrange a meet in person

How Do You Learn During Language Exchange Online?

There is no right or wrong answer to it. You learn as you go. Our language exchange program offers a real-life experience of how you talk like a native speaker and to a native speaker. You can connect with new people, meet in person and discuss speaking the language you want to learn. If the meetup is not possible, rely on a digital language exchange in London. Practice speaking skills over audio and video calls, and writing skills over email. Learn the way you want and have fun!

What are the Advantages of Our Language Exchange Program?

  • Make a new friend and learn a language
  • Flexible learning in a relaxed setting
  • Explore other cultures
  • Learn beyond formal lessons
  • Encourage each other during language exchange

How Much Does Language Exchange Online Cost?

You can connect to a real person and start the language exchange for free. All you need to do is create a profile providing the necessary details.

So, What to Do Now?

If this sounds interesting, join the language exchange program in London. After signing up, you can meet a language exchange partner and begin learning sessions. Sign up for free!